Iranian special line
Ermia Logistics is a professional international Courier service between China and Iran. It provides express delivery services to Iran.
In China, to provide customers with more convenient delivery service, we have service outlets throughout China’s major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other cities have our branches and distribution center. In Iran, to provide customers with better services, customs clearance and delivery operations center in Tehran, the entire journey to provide efficient customs clearance service, has its own vehicle delivery team, composed of ensure the safety of your every vote goods delivery on time! Our special line, whether it is personal or commercial, is able to go by electric, magnetic, motor, imitation, brand, battery, motor and other sensitive products.
Reference time: 6-8 working days
Embargo: securities and easy to lost the precious metal, liquid, powder, food, living, drugs, flammable and explosive, corrosive, CDS, arms weapons, adult supplies, and other state laws banning circulation or sent items.
More goods category description: to reduce the risk of the recipient Iran customs clearance and cost, any more than a ticket class of goods (the sender is the same), the customer will be individually packaged goods classification, split ticket delivery, customer be ready to break up with the goods after the invoice, we will vote in accordance with the total charges.
Packaging requirements: for packing the goods safety, customer needs in accordance with our packing requirements for goods, all goods packaging is not safe, we will ask the customer, the customer shall not be joined together, need to sign with our transportation disclaimer, otherwise we will refuse to accept the goods.
Iran customs clearance products: the Iranian customs has required the recipient to provide relevant import license for medical devices and materials, communications equipment, positioning equipment and other products.
Iran customs declaration: if the goods belong to Iran customs quota restrictions/license / kinds of goods for the protection of discrimination, purpose of customs clearance need the recipient to provide the corresponding qualification material to assist with clearance, the goods caused by the recipient can’t cooperate with can’t customs clearance, the consequences will be borne by the recipient.