Global EMS business(EMS International Express)is the special post business launched by the post office of each country. EMS International Express business has the preferred discretion in the post office of each country, customs, aviation department, etc. It delivers the international emergency letter, document data, financial bill, sales sample, and various documents data and items for the customers in high speed and high quality, with the strong customs clearance capacity. EMS International Express does not charge the fuel surcharge and calculate the volume weigh. The charging is calculated according to the actual weight.

Cost: EMS Price
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It should be subject to the customs clearance generated in detailed. For different country and different product, the charging standard is different (in general, the high declared value will generate the higher tariff. If the declared value is quite different from the actual value, it will generate the higher tariff).

Reference Time
List of EMS Reference Time
Southeast Asia
North America
2-3 (working days)
5-7 (working days)
5-7 (working days)
7-15 (working days)

Track Service
EMS express website

The Limit of Mail Items
The items forbidden for circulation or delivery by the national laws and regulations;
Explosive, inflammable, corrosive, radioactive, toxicity, and other dangerous goods;
Reactionary newspaper, books, windows or pornographic materials;
Various currency;
The goods disrupting the public sanitation;
Perishable items;
Live animals (except the bees, silkworm, leeches can be packed to guarantee the delivery and the staff’s safety);
The improper packing which may be harm to the personal safety, and the items polluted or damaged other mailing equipments;
Other items not suitable for mailing conditions.

The post office will not assume the compensation responsibilities if as follows:
Caused by force majeure (other than insured mail).
The delivered item is confiscated by authorities or processed according to relevant regulations for the breach of forbidden delivery or delivery limit regulations.
When delivery, the mail is complete sealed without moving mark, and the consignee has signed for acceptance according to the regulated procedures, but later the consignee find out the lacking or damage of inner item.
The mail lost or delay because of the customer’s responsibility or the delivered item.
From the date of post delivery to the expiration date of inquiry, it has not inquired or proposed the compensation requirements.
The international mail is detained, confiscated or destroyed by the destination country according to its domestic laws.
If there is part of lost or damage, it only compensates according to the lost or damage degree, and the freight is not included in the compensation scope.
The final compensation amount should be subject to the compensation amount of post office.