CO origin certificate
C.O. CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN is also known as the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, which is a kind OF CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN.C.O. certificate of origin is a document that certifying the export of goods and manufactured goods. It is the certificate of “origin” of goods in the act of international trade. It has the following functions:
1. Determine the tariff treatment of products and enhance the market competitiveness; C.O. certificate of origin is a valid certificate of customs duty and differential treatment. As the importer and exporter of a tariff agreement between the government, in the form of a treaty provisions of the tax agreement (AGREED CUSTOMS RATE), or on the treaty between the two countries the most-favored-nation CLAUSE (MOST FAVORED NATION CLAUSE), the buyer often require the seller to provide effective certificate to prove that is contracting of the other countries of origin of imported goods to obtain the corresponding tax treatment.
C.O. certificate of origin also serves as a proof of the intrinsic quality of commodities and the improvement of the competitiveness of goods. Silk that holds a Chinese certificate of origin in the international market is more capable of selling well than the silk that holds the certificate of origin in other countries that do not produce silk. In addition, the certificate of origin is sometimes the necessary document for the transfer and settlement of the trade. If the buyer requests to provide C.O. certificate of origin to ensure its own interests in the application of L/C (L/C), the bank also often takes the C.O. certificate of origin as an important document for the payment of the credit (L/C).
3. Responsible for the statistics of import and export goods, the certificate of origin is an important basis for the statistics of imported goods.
4. Importers of goods have the tools to control and manage trade. The world according to its trade policy, to protect the domestic industrial production and international trade competition, often to limit access to certain goods, to make some imported goods quantity control measures, such as: system of import quotas and permits, anti-dumping, countervailing system. To implement the control system, first needs to determine the goods imported from which country, and then determine whether the goods is limited by import quantity, whether need to hold the import license, whether to reverse the quotas, anti-dumping and countervailing duties…Certificate of origin is also an important tool for implementing these systems.

FORM-A (China – eu)
GSP, the generalized system of preferences, or GSP, is a kind of tariff system, is the developed countries (carry) for imports from developing countries (country) some suitable products to give preferential treatment of reduction or exemption. Our country is a developing country, there are Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Canada and Poland and other 22 countries implement GSP to our country. FORM A certificate of origin is the legal proof that beneficiary country’s original products are exported to the country of supply and benefit from the preferential treatment.
FORM A certificate of origin is different from general certificate of origin, certificate of origin is to enjoy the most-favoured-nation treatment commonly valid certificate of GSP FORM A certificate of origin, enjoy treatment of GSP reduction or exemption is effective certificate.

FORM-E (China – asean)
Asean members include brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Brunei, Brunei, Cambodia, Cambodia 107 105 112, 112 Indonesia or Indonesia, Laos, Laos, PDR, 122 Malaysian Malaysia, 106 Burma Myanmar, the Philippines 129 132 Thailand, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore 132, Singapore, Vietnam 141 one, give preferential tariffs for the HS code of commodity chapter 1-8 of the agricultural and sideline products, the products enjoy zero tariff treatment.
FORM F (China – Chile certificate of origin)
Chile under china-Chile free trade agreement to hui, Chile on 5891 products in our country implements the zero tariff, immediately for 1859 kinds of products in phases within the next 10 years zero tariff, only 152 kinds of products out of place in the preferential. The inspection and quarantine organ has issued the certificate of origin (FORM F) of the Chilean free trade zone.

From the effective date of FTA, the inspection and quarantine institutions are responsible to sign and issue China-Chile FTA Certificate of Origin (FORM F) for products exported to Chile form China under FTA.

Countries that have signed the asia-pacific trade agreement include South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Laos.