Swiss Postal Parcel is an international parcel business between Ermia Logistics and Swiss Post in close cooperation; this kind of business can distribute the postal goods to more than 200 post networks in the world. The business contains two kinds of service: Swiss Registered and Ordinary post. Swiss Post is the most developed postal institute in Europe; almost every country of Europe has its branch; it is characterized by strong post treatment ability, timely and efficient destination reaching feature, public price known to all, and powerful clearance capability. Therefore, it is deeply liked and supported among e-business sellers.

I. Product Advantages
Timely and efficient treatment: after Ermia Logistics receives the parcels by Swiss Post, the parcels will be sorted out in Ermia Sorting Center and transported to Swiss by air in the second workday in normal condition.
Insured actual efficiency: in normal condition, at the very night after the parcels leave the sorting center related information can be inquired and tracked in Swiss Post Web. The parcels treated in the sorting center need no resorting in Swiss, and they can be dispatched directly, which largely raises the actual efficiency. In normal condition, correct-distribution time is usually 7-15 workdays.
For the registered parcels, one can directly find the real-time information in Swiss Post Web by the tracking number (the correct-distribution information can be inquired in America and most of West European countries).
Swiss Postal Parcel Business has more advantages in part of West European Countries including: England, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Swiss, Italy, etc; America, Canada and Australia included.

II. Volume and Weight Restriction
Weight restriction
Weight of every parcel≤2KG;
Volume restriction
Minimum: 90*140mm
Maximum: length+width+height≤900mm; maximum single size: 600mm

III. Destination Countries
Swiss Postal Parcels Business involves more than 200 countries and districts in the world.

IV. Freight Calculation
If you want to know the prices of Swiss Postal Parcels (registered post and ordinary post), please go to the home page of, and just put in the destination, country name and weight in the price inquiring place.
Ordinary Post:
Uniform price of Swiss Ordinary Post: ?RMB/KG, handling cost: ?RMB/one parcel (as per the price to be given)
Registered Post:
Uniform price of Swiss Registered Post: ?RMB/KG +?RMB/one parcel (registered fee) +?RMB/one parcel (handling cost) (as per the price to be given)

V. Tracked Inquiry Service
After the parcels are sent out, the customers can find the orders in the “order list” in “already sent” state through the foreground system of Ermia Logistics, and can click every single order to inquire the detailed operation records and the tracking number;
About the registered parcels, one can inquire the detailed registered tracking information in Swiss Post Web.;
Ordinary Post service doesn’t offer inquiry service.
If the customers don’t receive the parcels within 14 workdays after the Swiss Registered Parcels are sent out, they can pass the inquiry demand to Customer Service Department of Ermia Logistics. Normal inquiry period of Swiss Post Office is around 15 workdays. Inquiry will not be allowed after the parcels are sent out for 2 months.


VI. Tariff
Only when the parcels are imported by the destination countries can they produce import tariff; different countries’ customs tax laws lead to different results; please subject to the local customs clearance. (Detailed goods description is helpful to clearance)


VIII. Parcels Forbidden
All forbidden goods specified by international aviation clauses can not be sent by Swiss Postal Parcel such as naked battery products, bogus brands, fluid, powder, paste and drug ; when these things are found by Ermia Logistics, it will retain the rights to conduct responsibility investigation.


VIII. Compensation
When the parcels are lost, Ermia Logistics will compensate based on the declared value +postage. The maximum compensation amount will be not more than HKD$320. The registered fee won’t be returned.
If the local customers office confirms the parcels as bogus brands or forbidden goods, no compensation will occur.
If the registered posts are postponed, no compensation will occur.
No inquiry service for ordinary post; no compensation for ordinary post will occur.

IX. Returning
The Swiss Parcels failing to be sent out locally can be returned with charging a returning fee of ? RMB/KG.
X. Order uploading requirements in system and attentions for filling customs declaration
Ordinary Post
For ordinary post, one can upload the order to the Ermia Logistics system or not.
For parcels whose orders are not uploaded, the customers can print the address labels and affix them onto the parcels if they want to.
For parcels whose orders need to be uploaded, the freight code of the Swiss Parcels in Ermia Logistics will be ?; the customers can put the orders into the Ermia Logistics system and print the address labels and affix them onto the parcels.
Registered Post
For registered parcels, only after the orders are build in Ermia Logistics system can the goods be sent out; freight code is ? The customers can put the orders into the Ermia Logistics system and print the address labels and affix them onto the parcels.
Attentions for filling customs declaration
Detailed description in English is needed; one cannot fill in vague sorts of names like Electronics and toy. Detailed goods description is helpful to local clearance and raises clearance efficiency.
Weight unit: KG;
Unit of declared value: $ (American dollar).

XI. Labels Affixing Requirements
Swiss Postal Parcels need blank envelopes. One can’t use envelopes printed with other post office’s customs declaration and post returning address. The customers can apply to the Ermia Logistics for customs declaration in Swiss Post format in advance.