Hong Kong Postal Parcel is an international parcel business between Ermia Logistics and Hong Kong Post in close cooperation; it is the high-quality international transport solution provided by Ermia Logistics for transnational e-business sellers. The business, another name “iMailR Service” service whose predecessor was “Bulk Post Registered Airmail Service”, contains two kinds of service: Hong Kong Registered and Ordinary post. Hong Kong Postal Parcel is characterized by strong post treatment ability, timely and efficient destination reaching feature, public price known to all, and powerful clearance capability. Therefore, it is deeply liked and supported among e-business sellers.

Product Advantages
1. Timely and efficient treatment: after Ermia Logistics receives the parcels by Hong Kong Post, the parcels will be sorted out in Ermia Sorting Center and transported to Hong Kong Post Airport Airmail Center in the second workday in normal condition without more unneeded links which largely reduces the loss rate of parcels.
2. Insured actual efficiency: in normal condition, after the parcels are treated in Ermia Logistics Sorting Center, no resorting will be done in Hong Kong, which largely raises the actual efficiency. In normal condition, correct-distribution time is usually 7-20 workdays.
3. Insured safety: records of the parcels can be inquired directly in Hong Kong Post Web; one can track the distribution situation and ask for compensation; the addressee needs to sign for confirmation in distribution;
4. Hong Kong Post can send the parcels to more than 220 countries and districts in the world, which largely expands the market of e-business sellers;
5. Price advantage: global uniform price; compared with other express deliveries, Hong Kong Post service has absolute advantage in terms of price, because it can largely reduce the cost of foreign trade sellers and raise the price competitive strength.


Volume and Weight Restriction
1) Weight restriction:
Weight of parcel: ≤2KG;
2) Volume restriction:
Non-cylinder-figure goods: length+width+height≤90cm; single length≤60cm, length≥ 14CM, width≥ 9CM;
Cylinder-figure goods: two times the diameter +length ≤104CM, single length≤90CM, two times the diameter +length ≥17CM, length ≥10CM.

Freight Calculation
If you want to know the prices of Hong Kong Postal Parcels (registered post and ordinary post), please go to the home page ofhttp://www.baiyiline.com, and just put in the destination, country name and weight in the price inquiring place.

Ordinary Post:
Uniform price of Hong Kong Ordinary Post: ?RMB/KG, handling cost: ?RMB/one parcel

Registered Post:
Uniform price of Hong Kong Registered Post: ?RMB/KG +?RMB/one parcel (registered fee) +?RMB/one parcel (handling cost)

Tracked Inquiry Service
One can inquire the distribution details of registered posts in the following countries. For destinations outside the following countries, the customers can only inquire the leaving materials related to registered post/parcels. Inquiry web:http://www.hongkongpost.com; attachment:
Distribution details and inquiry websites can be inquired. Country names that can be inquired in locality: America, Brazil, Canada, Swiss, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Singapore, England (however, the websites are usually instable, sometimes information can be found while sometimes not), New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Qatar, Malaysia, Arabia, Israel, Bulgaria, Japan, Ukraine, Indonesia.
South Korea,
New Zealand,
Denmark (parcel/registered),

Parcels Forbidden
All forbidden goods specified by international aviation clauses can not be sent by Hong Kong Postal Parcel such as naked battery products, bogus brands, fluid, powder, paste and drug ; when these things are found by Ermia Logistics, it will retain the rights to conduct responsibility investigation. About the details, connect the link :http://www.hongkongpost.com/chi/publications/guide/content/6.3.pdf

1. When the ordinary parcels are lost, no compensation will occur.
2. If the local customs office confirms the parcels as bogus brands or forbidden goods, no compensation will occur.
3. The compensation will be made according to the declared value of the registered parcels, yet the maximum compensation amount will be not more than HKD$320. The registered fee won’t be returned.
4. Hong Kong Post Parcel doesn’t offer insurance service for the time being.

Tariff Clearance
Hong Kong Postal Parcels won’t produce tariff or clearance fee, yet they may produce import tariff when the destination countries import the goods; different countries’ customs tax laws lead to different results.


1. The Hong Kong Parcels failing to be sent out locally can be returned with charging a returning fee of ? RMB/KG.
2. The returning period depends on the quantity of parcels; in normal condition, it will be one or two weeks;
3. After long-distance delivery, the situation of incomplete parcels appearance is unavoidable; hereby, Ermia Logistics Sorting Center will give priority to parcels that can be identified and for the parcels which can’t be identified, the sorting center will count the parcels information and tell the customers to get their parcels when they offer matching proof and pay returning fee.


Order uploading requirements in system and attentions for filling customs declaration
Ordinary Post
For ordinary post, one can upload the order to the Ermia Logistics system or not.
For parcels whose orders are not uploaded, the customers can print the address labels and affix them onto the parcels if they want to.
For parcels whose orders need to be uploaded, the freight code of the Hong Kong Parcels in Ermia Logistics will be one can put the order information into the Ermia Logistics system and print the address labels and affix them onto the parcels.

Registered Post
For registered parcels, only after the orders are built in Ermia Logistics system can the goods be sent out; freight code will be? One can put the order information into the Ermia Logistics system and print the address labels and affix them onto the parcels.

Attentions for filling customs declaration:
1. Detailed description in English is needed; one cannot fill in vague sorts of names like Electronics and toy. Detailed goods description is helpful to local clearance and raises clearance efficiency.
2. Weight unit: KG;
3. Unit of declared value: $ (American dollar). When filling in the declared value, the customer should use the real value of the goods so as to avoid forfeit and compensation dispute.

Labels Affixing Requirements
Hong Kong Post parcels need to use envelopes printed with Hong Kong Post Returning Address and Hong Kong Post customs declaration.
The customers can apply to the Ermia Logistics for customs declaration in Hong Kong Post format in advance.
When filling in the customs declaration, please use English, French or the destination country’s first language; every article’s name, value and net weigh (correct to gram) in the parcel should be filled into the specified place;
Sing the name and fill in the consignation date in the lower right corner;
Franchised account and ordinary post are different from registered franchised account, so one must clearly know this; mistaken account will be regarded as short of postage and the parcels will be returned; the package should be complete and reliable; except address label outside the package bag, no other unrelated marks are attached. For fragile articles, one should better affix a fragile mark onto the outer package and the address label onto the middle of the front package.