Compania Sud Americana de Vapores S.A, also named CSAV, is the one of the largest shipping companies with long history in South America. The service of CSAV covers the domestic and international transport service of common goods, container, bulk cargo, vehicle and cooling and frozen goods.

responsible for the business all along the voyage lines under CSAV and the affiliated NCL with favorable shipping price, dense port of call of barge and ships, and deep and wide coverage. It can convey heavy cabinets and has other advantages;
NCL: the business scope covers the main port in Middle East, India, East Med, the Black Sea and the whole China; including Pearl River Delta in South China;
CSAV: the business scope covers Central America, ECSA, WCSA, Mexico, Caribbean, West Africa, South Africa and the main ports in China, including Pearl River Delta in South China;
ASA1: the closing date of CHIWAN is on Tuesday and opening date is on Thursday. It directly reaches SANTOS-MONTEVIDEO-BUENOS AIRES-RIO GRANDE
ASA2: the closing date and opening date of SHEKOU is on Monday and Wednesday. It directly reaches Rio de Janeiro—Paranagua—Itajai.
AGA1/2: the closing date and opening date of CHIWAN is on Tuesday and Thursday and it directly reaches MANZANILLO-BUENAVENTURA-IQUIQUE-CALLAO-SAN ANTONIO- SAN VICENTE
The shipping space of the South American shipping companies is above 6000TUE with large market share, guaranteed ship space, dense sailing date, favorable price and convenient customs clearance of destination port. The inland river transfer within the second voyage at destination port can be realized with excellent service. It is one of the ship owners popular among the foreign consignees. It also covers Central America, Caribbean Sea and Mexico with favorable price.