China Ocean Shipping(Group) Company (hereinafter referred to COSCO) is the large multinational enterprise group specialized in international shipping, logistic wharf and ship repairing and building. It ranks the 327th in the world top 500 enterprises in Fortune.
At present, COSCO has possessed and controlled nearly 800 various kinds of modern merchant ships with more than 56 million dead weight ton and the annual volume of freight of more than 400 million tons. The voyage line of COSCO covers more than 1600 ports in more than 160 countries and regions around the world with the fleet scale ranking the first in China and second in the world. The container fleet scale ranks the first in China and the sixth in the world; the dry and bulk cargo fleet is the first in the world; the comprehensive strength of special groceries, multi-purpose and special transport fleet is advanced in the world. The scale of tanker fleet is one of the world super tanker fleets. COSCO has invested and operated 32 wharfs in the world with 157 berths in total. According to the latest statistics issued by Drewry in July 2009, the throughput of container wharf of COSCO pacific in 2008 ranked the fifth in the world continuously.

COSCO voyage lines acted by Ermia

are as follows:
Container home trade ship service—provide port-to-port and door-to-door service within the boundary and the sailing date is for every three days, so as to promote the development coastal cities and inland and provide convenience for the circulation of cargo;
European line: Yantian, the closing date is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The closing date of Nansha is on Wednesdays while that of Hong Kong is on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with direct sailing to ROTTERDAM-HAMBURG-ANTWERP-FELIXTOWE. The sailing date is dense, covering the harbor cities of the whole South China, Europe and inland cities. The transportation strength in 5000-8000TUE guarantees ship space, with favorable service at the destination port and high performance ratio
Australia: the closing date and opening date of Shekou are Friday and Saturday respectively and the direct voyage to SYDNEY, MELBOURN and BRISBANE last for 11 days, 13 days and 15 days respectively. The cargos in Foshan, Shunde, Guangzhou, Nansha and Pearl River Delta can be conveyed, with wide coverage, favorable price and fast effectiveness;
Newlands voyage line: BRISBANE is first destination with direct voyage lasting for 11 days. It is the unique fast ship for BRISBANE in South China market.