Middle East special line of Aramex:
Middle East Express expert is the first local express in Arab world, with powerful strength. The network is around each corner of Arab world and now it is covering the global.
Arabic’s company knows more about Middle East, and knows how to overcome variety of special inconvenience in Middle East.
Aramex grasps the whole Arabic express market, and the business is booming. In 1997, Aramex listed in NASDAQ, with 3200 staffs, and all the business are from the civil society, which is extraordinary in Arabic world. There are numerous express companies has the delivery partner in customs clearance of Middle East, with ultra strong customs clearance and without remote surcharge; we always have the fine cooperative relationship with ARAMEX HK.

You can directly inquire on Ermia Logistics website:
http://www.Ermia .com, and also contact the sales executive of our company for quotations.

Reference Time
List of ARAMEX Reference Time
Middle East District
3-5 (working days)

Middle East special line of ARAMEX mainly promotes the services for each Middle East country. In the countries not listed on the quotation form, it does not provide transportation service temporary;
Middle East country: if the single piece exceeds 100kg, and the size exceeds 150*100*50cm, please independently consult; if the single piece of other countries exceed 30KG, the size exceeds 120*50*50cm, it should independently consult;
For all the goods sent to UAE, if the declared value is greater or equal to USD 269,or the weight of single entry weight is greater or equal to 50KG, it should provide 3 original invoices with seal for arrangement.

Restricted Items
Please pay attention to the goods cannot deliver or restricted to deliver based on the international aviation provisions, such as drugs, powder, munitions, liquid, inflammable and explosive materials, and other dangerous items, and the goods prohibited to import by Middle East countries. Middle East special line does not accept any battery or products with battery.

Consignee Address
If the customer delivers goods by Middle East special line, it can fill PO BOX address, but it should provide consignee’s telephone. If it cannot provide consignee’s telephone, it has to provide the specific address and name of consignee or name of the company.