Short for APL, AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES LIMITED has more than 150 years of experience in cargo transportation and it is the sixth largest container linear transportation company in the world, providing multiple container linear service for more than 125 countries and regions in the world.
Since the development of marine transportation business in 1999, Ermia started to develop close cooperation with APL. It has become the primary agent of the whole airline in South China with the airline advantages as follows:

Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, the Red Sea, Australia and Latin America
* Dense sailing date; closing date is always at weekend;
* Multiple direct sailing points;
* Wide transferring coverage;
* Simple and fast documentation issuance flow;
* Rich container varieties and professional and fast operation ;

Fine airlines and destinations:
SINGAPORE: the closing date of Chinwan is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or at the weekend and these are all the ideal sailing date for the shipper. The fastest voyage lasts for three days only. SINGAPORE is the main port for international transfer. It is also experienced in the lines from APL to India, Sabah and Sarawak, Philippines, Eastern Australia, and by transferring from Singapore to the inland port in Southeast Asia.
PORT KELANG (north): closing date and opening date of Chiwan are Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Documents are issued on Friday while cargos can be delivered on Monday. The high-efficiency and fast speed are incomparable.
SHARJAH: the closing date and opening date of Chiwan are Saturday and Monday respectively with direct voyage lasts for 15 days. It is the unique direct voyage ship in Shenzhen with favorable price and stable and fast sailing date;
ALEXANDRIA:Chiwan closes on Sunday but opens on Tuesday with the voyage lasting for 28 days. It transfers in SOKHNA and reaches new and old ALEXANDRIA Port. It belongs to the airline of the Red Sea by adding THC instead of ORC. The sailing date is stable with fast effectiveness;
FREMANTLE : Chiwan has for direct airlines to SINGAPORE weekly. There are two direct ships in Singapore weekly and the whole voyage lasts for 16 days only; the sailing date is stable and the price is absolutely favorable;
SYDNEY/MELBOURN/BRISBANE: Yantian has direct voyage on Sunday and it is the unique direct voyage ship closing to Yantian in the port of Shenzhen with favorable price and stable sailing date.